Thursday, August 27, 2015

The World On Fire?

California burns (Photo courtesy of Big Time)
Those are not regular clouds in that photo, no, that's smoke from all those fires out California way. From what my buddy Shaun tells me, Canada also seems to be on fire. I guess this kind of thing happens when you've got miles and miles of dry grassland and forest. It's summer, think lightning, also think stupid people out in the wild playing with matches and other combustibles. Here's the current situation -

Where this map lives, i.e. where I got it from.

Pretty bad situation in some parts of The Golden State. I'm sure the politicians are busy finding someone to blame.

Canada is having some problems in this regard as well. In particular the potential for fire is pretty high in most of British Columbia, southern Alberta and southern Saskatchewan. The smoke Shaun was seeing could have come from any of those places. Here's the situation in the Great White Up -

Here's where I got this one...

While parts of California and Canada are literally on fire, most of the attention of the populace is on other things. Political things.

I think it's time for one of my periodic rants.

Now I abhor politics and most politicians, but not all politicians. There's a fellow at work, very senior, who is also a state senator here in Little Rhody. I have a great deal of respect for this guy, because he's a straight shooter and a very smart guy, I've worked with him on more than one occasion. What's more, hold onto your hats Gentle Readers, he's a Democrat.

Well, if you knew the politics of Little Rhody (and large chunks of New England) you'd know that this region is heavily populated by Democrats. In order to get elected to just about any office in our tiny state, you almost have to have a "(D)" after your name.

Now I do have more than a few friends who are of that particular persuasion. Most are what you might call "old school Democrats," think the Kennedys, not that socialist air bag Bernie Sanders (who many Vermonters simply adore, I can't for the life of me figure out why). Most of them can trace their Democrat roots back many generations. I don't think they truly know what the modern party has become.

Now with that being said, I come from a long line of Republicans. I don't really associate with that crowd of animated gas bags anymore, that party has also become something which no doubt has Ronald Reagan spinning in his grave.

I consider myself an independent, I consider the issues and where a candidate stands on those issues. I vote according to my conscience and what I feel is best for the nation as a whole, not just my wee slice of the pie.

Supposedly Winston Churchill once said, "If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

I say supposedly because these days, through the magic of the Web of World Wideness you can find almost any sort of quote to suit your point. Though I believe I have seen this quote attributed to Sir Winston before the internet was invented. You know, back in the Neolithic Period, not long after the glaciers began to recede. Much like my hairline. Speaking of quotes, one of my favorite lines in Bernard Cornwell's new book on Waterloo is...

'Great battles are won by artillery,' Napoleon once said, though he said so many things that it is difficult to know when he was being serious. Waterloo by Bernard Cornwell, page 216.

(A most excellent book I must say, I've studied that battle since I was a wee lad and have learned a couple of new things. When you stop learning, you start dying. And yes, you can quote me.)

Now when you're young and have few responsibilities and pay less tax, it is nice to care about the less fortunate and the less skilled. Yes, tax those rich bastards so that we can feed the poor, clothe the naked and heal the sick.

Because, it ain't coming out of your pocket, is it?

Once one reaches a certain level of responsibility (spouse, children, house, land and one or more automotive conveyances) you start to realize (especially when you look at your pay slip and see all of the stuff the gubmint gets before you get your slice of the pie) that it isn't the rich who are being soaked to help the alleged less fortunate. It's you!

Now a lot of those "less fortunate" types these days are not even citizens, they are in this country illegally. Now truth be told, I can't say I blame them. If you live in a place that sucks and provides few opportunities to get ahead in life, you can, if you're able, go someplace that doesn't suck.

Though the current maladministration is trying very hard to turn the United States into a Third World sh!thole, they haven't succeeded. Yet. So folks from places that suck want to be here, where it doesn't suck (yet). However, they don't want to abide by what we conservatives like to call "The Rules."

Here's a great post I read over at The Chief's place the other day. Check it out, I'll wait right here.

Yeah, what if they all just up and left? And didn't come back unless it was legally? The data in that post seems pretty solid. I do believe that the Left wants them to stay because they think it's a guaranteed voting block for their "free stuff" agenda.

From anecdotal evidence I have heard from out west in the Central and San Joaquin Valleys, a great many folks of Hispanic background are very conservative. Stands to reason doesn't it? They are family oriented, have strong religious beliefs and they don't like the illegals much either.

Hey, how about that Trump fellow? Okay, I used to watch that show The Apprentice, I got a kick out of the "You're fired!" line and all that. But hey, he's singing my song. He's not a professional leech politician. He's not a lawyer and the MSM hates him.

So there has to be something there to keep an eye on. What are the Republicans and Democrats offering otherwise? Well the Dems have a Commie (Comrade Bernie), a criminal (guess who, I despise her and won't mention the name if I don't have to) and at least one lunatic (Fauxcahontas) in the race.

Now as for the GOP, too many names to keep track of. Personally, I shy away from the professional leeches politicians. I just don't trust them.

Do I trust Trump? Hard to say. Do I think he'll make the United States better? Yes I do.

As to the others? The GOP has some interesting candidates but I have no doubt that the party hierarchy will screw things up, just like the last two elections.

The Democrats? I shudder to think what they have to offer. More of this current crap we're laboring under. Our allies no longer trust us, our enemies no longer fear us. Yeah, how's that "hope and change" crap working for you?

Term limits is the only answer. We, as a people, have proven that we are too stupid or too lazy to vote intelligently. We elect people who lie to us and blow smoke up our collective arses. Then we blame the representatives from someone else's district.


My representatives suck and so do yours. Let's kick the professional politicians out and elect people who will go to DC, get the job done, then come home. These arse wipes we have now care nothing other than how to get reelected. Let's fix that for them. Let's make it so they can't be reelected.

Then maybe we can go after the bureaucrats.

Anyhoo, that's my two cents.

End of periodic rant...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Well, Murph Wanted More Corsairs...

A VA-72 (Blue Hawks) A-7E Corsair II aircraft is given a final check before being launched from USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER
(CVN 69). (US Navy photo by PH2 Kevin E. Farmer)
Okay, what Murphy said was "So when do we get the NEXT Corsair post?"

Right now brother. Right now.

(Well, he didn't say anything about which Corsair now did he?)

A-7 Corsair II of the 76th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Vanguards), 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, dropping Mark 82 hi-drag bombs over the Tyndall Eglin Air Force Base range.  (US Air Force photo by TSgt Frank Garzelnick)

When I was stationed at Lowry (in Denver), the Air Guard base at Buckley had some of these birds. I think they're cool.
The Ling-Temco-Vought A-7 Corsair II was a carrier-capable subsonic light attack aircraft introduced to replace the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. The A-7 airframe design was based on the successful supersonic Vought F-8 Crusader. It was one of the first combat aircraft to feature a head-up display (HUD), an inertial navigation system (INS), and a turbofan engine.

The Corsair II initially entered service with the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. It was later adopted by the United States Air Force, including the Air National Guard, to replace the Douglas A-1 Skyraider, North American F-100 Super Sabre and Republic F-105 Thunderchief. The aircraft was also exported to Greece in the 1970s, and Portugal in the late 1980s. W
A-7Bs of CVW-16 on the USS Ticonderoga in 1968 (US Navy photo by Chester O. Morris)

A-7As of VA-147 (Argonauts) taking off from NAS Lemoore 1967. (US Navy photo)
YA-7D-1-CV AF Serial No. 67-14582, the first USAF YA-7D, 2 May 1968. Note the Navy-style refueling probe and the modified Navy BuNo used as its USAF tail number. (USAF Photo)

Corsair IIs 70-0976, 70-0989 and 70-0970 of the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing over the skies of Southeast Asia. 976 and 989 were retired to AMARC in 1992, 970 is on permanent display at the Museum of the United States Air Force, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. (USAF photo)

A-7Es on the USS Independence (CV 62) in 1983 (US Navy photo)

A-7E of VA-72 (Blue Hawks) on USS America off Libya in April 1986 (US Navy photo)

A-7E from VA-72 (Blue Hawks) flying over the Saudi desert during Operation Desert Shield (US Navy photo by Cdr. John Leenhouts)

A shout out to the ladies of Naval Aviation!

EA-7L pilots of VAQ-34 (Flashbacks) at Elmendorf AB, 1987 (DoD photo by Sgt. W. Thornton)

The EA-7L was an electronic aggressor aircraft (converted from the TA-7C*) used by VAQ-34, upgraded to A-7E standard while retaining twin seats in 1984.

Prototype YA-7Ds 67-14582 and 67-14584, along with 69-6191 and 69-6217 making last flyover retirement formation over Edwards AFB, California, heading to AMARC, August 1992 (USAF photo)

How about some love for the SLUF?**

A-7E Corsair II (BuNo 160713) from attack squadron VA-46 (Clansmen) on 1 July 1988. VA-46 was assigned to Carrier Air Wing Seven (CVW-7) for a deployment to the Mediterranean Sea aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) from 29 February to 29 August 1988. The A-7E 160713 (c/n E-491) was retired to the AMARC as 6A0395 on 10 June 1991 and later donated to the Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona. (US Navy photo by Cdr. John Leenhouts)

Okay, it ain't the F4U Corsair, but it's still pretty cool!

Oh yeah, gotta have a video...

This next guy has brass ones. Or, he's insane. How low can you go? (Bearing in mind the old saying, "You can only tie the low altitude record...")

*Two-seat trainer version for the U.S. Navy, 24 converted from A-7B, 36 from A-7C. In 1984, 49 air frames, including the 8 EA-7Ls, were re-engined with the TF41-A-402 and upgraded to A-7E standard.

**The A-7 Corsair II was tagged with the nickname "SLUF" ("Short Little Ugly Fire Trucker") by its pilots.

Sarge Note: If you think you caught a glimpse of this post early on Tuesday, well, you're not crazy. Tuna and I were at cross purposes as to who was gonna post when. As Tuesday is Tuna-day, I pulled this one and rescheduled it for today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"All the news that's fun to print."

I surprised myself last week, getting a Tuesday post out while on vacation to Southern Oregon.  I guess visiting family isn't as much of a time-sump as I thought it would be.  That can be good or bad I suppose- good in that I had time to relax and gather my thoughts into a post, but bad that I wasn't doing more exciting stuff like in the picture above.

The Rogue River runs through the city of Grants Pass on its way to the Pacific Ocean in Gold Beach.  It's a beautiful part of the country, (mostly) green mountainous landscapes, pine trees all over, wildlife everywhere, including in front of my car.  Fortunately for both my front end and the two deer I almost collided with, my brakes were good enough to ensure the wildlife stayed beautiful.  We usually go rafting on the Rogue, but the trip was a quick one and time was short, with school starting up again yesterday.  The drive is a pain though- too close and too expensive to fly, but also too far away to make it an easy day of it.  It's 838 miles door to door, which is tough to do in one day by myself, and the finish line is so close when I do wind up getting too tired to continue.

Sure, I've got two other drivers in the car, but the teenangster is still under a learners permit and drives far too slow for my taste, and my wife can't keep a steady pace so the speedometer is constantly fluctuating 5-10 mph in either direction which drives me nuts.  They're usually asleep anyway by the time I get tired so I'm pretty much the only control freak driver I can stand available.

If you do the math, the required distance should take between 10 and 11.5 hours depending on what speed limit one chooses to follow- the legal one, or the Californian one.   That doesn't include stops of course, but if you ensure that you eat, refuel and offload any beverages at the same time, you can make the trip in 13.5 hours like I did.  Don't tell the CHP please, or better yet, don't tell the FAA.

While I was up there, I completely ignored politics and the news, unless it had to do with Oregon fires, or whatever headlines my friends my have posted on Facebook.  So for today, I'm going to share what I saw, read, or found humorous as it relates to current events after I returned.


I'm sure you heard about the three Americans that thwarted a terrorist attack on a French train.  While the Corps was beaming with pride of the report that it was three Marines, the adage that the first version of a story is always wrong was proven yet again.  As it turns out, it was an Oregon National Guardsman, An Airforce Senior Airman, and a civilian.  That made my brother snicker as he's an Oregon National Guardsman himself who thinks that the Marines aren't any better than the Army, but they're just blessed with better PR.

One of the heroes was injured in the act of subduing the terrorist.  While it was actually due to a box cutter, the first reports had him listed as being shot during the take-down.  And twitter was exceptionally funny while documenting it.

Did you see that the Little League World Series was underway?  For the second time in three years, a team from San Diego made it to Williamsport PA.  So those of us on the left coast have more than just a passing interest.

 Aug 21
tied record for most homeruns in one inning per

It's been removed from Twitter, but LA Angels All-Star Mark Trout even commented that these kids were putting on a home run derby.  After beating Kentucky 14-2, they lost their next game 8-4 to a team from Texas, but rallied yesterday to beat New England 10-3 to stay alive in the double-elimination tourney.

There's a great video here that shows what Little League is all about.

The BAD:


Texas Police Captain Linked to Ashley Madison Leak Commits Suicide

I suppose that if you want to remain anonymous while cheating on your wife, Ashley Madison is a way to do it.  Minus the anonymous part though.  The site was hacked and names of clients are coming out fast.  This cop was no exception, but he wound up taking his own life vice face the humiliation and embarrassment from the exposure.

Of course I don't condone infidelity, or hacking for that matter, even if it gets some cheaters on the straight and narrow.  But I will also say that if you're doing something wrong, and keeping it secret is more important than your life- that you'd rather die instead of having your secret be known, rethink what you're doing in the first place.  Suicide is not an answer because it doesn't solve anything- it only ends everything.

The American M5 were battle-tested killing machines during WWII, in Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, France (Normandy and Provence campaigns in the summer of 1944), and Germany.  They also served in the Pacific after being replaced in Europe by newer tanks.

Well, apparently they're still deadly:

World War II-Era Tank Runs Over, Kills Man In Fairfield

California Highway Patrol says 55-year-old Kevin Wright of Suisun City was riding on the front edge of a 1944 M-5 tank at a reunion when the vehicle started going downhill. Wright fell off and was run over.  Source

I really enjoyed the movie FURY, but I never thought that it would be fun to re-enact scenes from it.


Another couple of videos detailing the horrors inside Planned Parenthood Clinics were released, including one that pretty much confirms that PP is trafficking in fully intact baby cadavers, possibly born alive, then killed.  The videos have proven that certain organs are worth different amounts and if PP wants to transfer or sell parts to StemExpress, chemicals can't be used, otherwise the organs would be ruined.  That likely means that babies are being born alive, or so close to alive that a slight tap on the heart starts it beating again.  It's long past time for America to consider for a moment that PP might not be as above reproach that the left wants us to believe.

Speaking of hearts, or the lack thereof, I offer you the following video.  It's along the same lines as those Hitler videos, but this one is only just over 90 seconds and has a wonderfully hilarious punchline regarding Hillary's fashion choices.

That's enough of the news for today.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

End of Summer

Summer is officially over! 

Yes, I know the Autumnal Equinox isn't until September 23rd this year.  Yes, it is still hot as blue blazes here in Texas (and will be until late October).  

But...Summer is officially over.  So, Juvat, are you saying it's over because school started today?

No.  Although School DID start today. The kids are in their places with bright shiny faces and brand new computers and other assorted technology.  Now comes the test of how well the forklift of our network really went. 

(Actually, I'm writing this on Sunday as I watch a Powershell script create 3053 student logins (for the second time), so I'm assuming that school WILL start tomorrow.  I'm also betting the first help request regarding Windows 8.1 will arrive in the system prior to the school bell ringing.)   

 Anyhoo..... (To quote a great Rhode Islander.)

Summer is officially over because this weekend was County Fair Weekend!  Gillespie County is home to the oldest, consecutive annual Fair in the State.  There seems to be some bragging rights contention with some other Fair.  Seems theirs started in an earlier year, but they couldn't keep it up every year.  Ours has been going consecutively for 127 years, which means it started in 1888 and always signified the end of Summer.

County Fair weekend is kicked off with one of the three TXDOT allowed parades.  (Main Street is actually a US Highway and they get annoyed if the trucks with the giant windmill blades are interrupted as they barrel through town.  So, we get three parades a year.  Fourth of July, County Fair and the Lighted Christmas Parade, which is held at night when no trucks will be annoyed.)

 Anyhoo..... (To requote a great Rhode Islander.)

This year's parade was held on Friday and was a lot of fun.  Prior planning is a necessity.  Arrival on Main Street on Friday Morning and expecting to find a parking space is foolish.  People park their pickup truck on Thursday Afternoon then walk there for the parade.  

Parade preparation is quite elaborate at times
I loved the Supervisor!

Portable Garage for your Pickup

The Royal Fredericksburg Mounted Police perform their pre-parade sweep in search of water guns, because having fun and squirting people can't be tolerated.

Finally the Parade starts with the Navy leading carrying the colors.
How come the Captain is walking?
While the Chief is riding?
One of the mysteries of life I guess.

Mrs. Juvat watches as the local High School Band Performs
There were Bands.

And Beauty Queens.

and Beauty Queen Hopefuls.

Farm Equipment is always a big hit in the Parade.

Is this the Fire Truck Sarge is always mentioning?
There was support for the First Amendment.

As well as the Second.

There were more Bands.

And Adult Recreational Beverages.
 The parade goes down one side of Main and back on the other side.  When this float came back by on our side, the guy in the dark shirt asked Mrs. Juvat if she wanted a beer.  She said OK, thinking this was a gimmick.  He reaches in to a cooler and hands her a cold one.  Pretty nice Porter actually.
LBJ's Lincoln Continental

Politicians made their appearances.  Our state rep rode.  The guy running against him in the Republican primary walked and shook hands.  Our Congressman was a no show.  The guy running against him walked.  Guess who's getting my vote.  (Not just because of that.  My voting rubric is No Democrat, no Incumbent, no unopposed.)

More Bands.
Mounted Posse's (yep, we still got em.  At least two as there was a second one in the parade, but the pic didn't turn out very well.)
Even a little First and Second support from former Texas Rangers.

Old NFO even put in an appearance, which is appropriate since he was at the first fair in 1888 and is now moving back to the Lone Star State.

There was even a guy riding a longhorn.

There was a very interesting float in the parade.  Interesting enough to warrant a post of its own once I get a bit of time to research.

But as with all good things, it finally came to an end (after 1 hour and 15 minutes of holding up the windmills)  with a Stanley Steamer  as the last sight.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Friday Flyby - August 2015 (La Deuxième Partie) On a Sunday No Less!

Fleet Air Arm Corsair Is at NAS Quonset Point, 1943. (Source)
After some protestations from two of the peanut gallery, er I mean, Loyal Readers, about my not including their favorite aircraft in the inaugural my favorite aircraft Friday Flyby, I have, with graciousness, patience and humility (well, not so much that last one) decided to devote a my favorite aircraft post to the most magnificent and awesome Corsair.

And she is a favorite of mine!

Yes, Old NFO and Murphy, your pleas have been heard at the highest levels here at Chez Sarge, so I hereby grant your wish. (Anyone else who has a favorite aircraft which is not in this post, read that first paragraph again. No, "Hey, I don't see the P-38 in this post! That's a great aircraft!" Once again I would counsel patience. If it ain't a Corsair, or Corsair related, you will not see it in this post. FWIW, I do take requests. But not right now. Also, I did sneak a P-38 in, see the videos...)

So that first photo was an "I had no ideer" sort of thing (with the appropriate tip o' the hat to my dear departed buddy Buck). Fleet Air Arm Corsairs out at Quonset, in Little Rhody? No, really. Too cool. Apparently the Brits would train their Nasal Radiators over there and then they and their birds would ship out on escort carriers. You can read about that here.

Before we proceed, I know that this is a Sunday and the Friday Flyby is, well the name says it all, a Friday kind of thing. But I could not ignore the cries of my people begging for Corsairs. So, this is Part Two (the French bit in the title) of the Friday Flyby from Friday last. Just for Old NFO and Murph. I mean I like those guys, how could I ignore their whining pleas?

Now I've seen Corsairs in person, these guys:

This bird is at Udvar-Hazy. I feel sad that she hangs from the ceiling.

Now this beauty is at Pungo. Note the drip pans, yup she still flies!
And I've seen them in the air as well, most memorably this one at the VE Day flyover in DC back in May.

Missing Man Formation
While the P-40, Avenger and P-51 hold formation, the Corsair does the honors.

I have done Corsair posts before, including this one, dedicated solely to that mighty bird. While researching this post I ran across a few interesting sites dedicated to the Corsair:
  • The Military Factory's page on the Corsair. (There's a lot of good stuff at that site!)
  • (Of course!)
  • Ace Pilots website's page on the guys who flew her in combat. Specs and history. Gotta love it!
Among the other things I found while researching were a crap ton of good videos. I narrowed the field down to four, which one to choose, which one to choose...

Ah, what the heck. Here's all four!

A great aircraft, the Wiki entry on this bird is pretty good. Check it out.

So Old NFO, Murph, we good?

I love this next pic, the old showing the way forward to the new. It's also The WSO's old air wing and Big Time's current air wing, CAG-2.

Lynn Garrison in F4U-7 133693 – N693M leads Corsair IIs of VA-147, over NAS Lemoore, CA, 7 July 1967 prior to first deployment to Vietnam on USS Ranger. The A-7A "NE-300" is the aircraft of the Air Group Commander (CAG) of Attack Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW-2)

Saturday, August 22, 2015


While wandering about the grounds of the palace the other day, I noticed that lovely, perfect little rose. I took another photo for comparison, so you could see just how small it was.

Yes, smaller than my watch it was. (Excuse the blur, you try holding your watch next to a small flower and fumble with the cell phone camera to get the shot. I know, I know, I could have done better.)

Small and dainty and such a bright and bold red. It really struck me, such perfection yet ephemeral.

Much like my patience with this whole convalescing thing.

Yes, I need time to heal up before returning to the fray. Yes, I understand that what I had was major surgery, but still, convalescing is a rather sedentary activity. As much as I'd like to drive down to the harbor or perhaps down to the Atlantic (for to snap some photos), it is actually uncomfortable to wear a seat belt.

Not to mention which my lack of patience with my fellow occupants of the highways and byways of Little Rhody.

I've done a couple of short missions down to the store (roughly a half mile by road) and noticed almost immediately that my temper is a bit shorter than usual. I shouldn't be raging at the other drivers because I might bust something dontcha know. That would not be good.

For you see Dear Readers, getting a good night's sleep has not been in the cards lately.

I believe I mentioned in the series of hospital posts that I have a great deal of trouble sleeping on my back. On long plane rides across either of the ponds I was able to manage by having a couple, maybe even five or six, adult beverages, you know, for medicinal purposes. While I am under no prohibitions regarding alcohol (as long as I stay off the pain killers, which I have) it just seems, I dunno, not good to consume alcohol while I'm laid up "in ordinary," so to speak.

I am to the point where I can lie on either side and, if I am really careful, can kind of lie on my belly. While I did learn, after a fashion, how to doze on  my back in the hospital, at home that's not a good idea. My cat, Anya, takes great joy in playing "carrier landing" on my stomach when I recline on my back.

She always sticks the landing (normally an OK-3) but from time to time she comes down a mite hard. Causing me rather a lot of, shall we say, discomfort.

So lack of sleep, some intestinal discomfort and my temper is rather short. Truth be told, as I age my temper seems to get shorter and shorter. Then again, I've always been prone to short outbursts of anger. I usually keep it bottled up, only those who really know me can tell, but the occasional "fire truck" will leak out, from time to time. Saying that pithy little Anglo-Saxon epithet is strictly forbidden around The Missus Herself.

So I need to tread lightly there.

Another joyous thing happened on Friday which I need to relate.

I have very good short term disability insurance through my employer. Well, it's good if the folks on that end actually do their jobs.

I filed my claim while still in the hospital, some two weeks ago. Puzzled as to not having heard anything further (after receiving letters and emails from them to send things out to doctor's officers and other "fax this now" paperwork) I called the number they gave me.

Keep in mind, this claim was filed two weeks ago.

The automated system showed nothing, based on the claim number they gave me and which I parroted back to them on demand.

Social Security number? Nope, nada, I was not in "the system."

Finally I had the opportunity to talk to a human. Seems (according to her) that in their system you need to explicitly save what you enter into the computer at the end of the session. She claimed "that's probably what happened."

I suppose it's possible to have the claim go "off wi' the fairies" after generating the correct snail mails and such. I found it to be somewhat, disconcerting.

I suggested that the company seriously needs to think about getting a different software provider. The one they use now sucks. I mean lose an entire claim because the system needs a human to hit "Save"? As opposed to doing it auto-magically?


So I did the dance (again). Filed the necessary permission documents with my various doctors' offices and await the magic form asking if I'd like the money deposited directly to my account and please fax this form back to us. (Hhmm, seems to be no place on the form to say "No, just send me a check." Modern times.

So I remain more or less "med down" and continue to do stuff to keep my brain busy.

Hopefully all the right buttons were pressed and hoops jumped through.


Annoying at times but we all have to deal with it.